Bumbo Baby Seats


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I could go back to that day when I was contemplating getting a Baby Bumbo seat, I’d slap myself right in the face and say, “you really, REALLY don’t need it!”

I have two problems with my Bumbo – three if you count its stupid name. First, it has a really limited shelf life. Before you realise you really should be using it more, your chubby cherub will no longer fit in it. Despite the feeding / play tray accessory, it’s impractical for meals, unless you like feeding your baby grapes, reclined like a Roman whore. Also, they are a real arse to store because they are so bulky and awkward. Many a time have I opened my closet to have it roll on my head. My eldest finally found a use for it as a bass drum. In fact, it’s got that going for it – it makes a satisfying dull thud when hit with a soup ladle.

Secondly, Baby Bumbos look like they should be located in the town square as mediaeval punishment devices for babies who cause public misdemeanours. Every time I see a baby in a Bumbo, I have to resist the urge to pelt them with rotten fruit.

In fact, that’s the only use I see for them – as a pretty coloured restraining tool in which you can trap your baby, plop them in front of Iggle Piggle and go and crack open the wine. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds like a pretty sweet thing to do but I think babies are supposed to, y’know, like move about and exercise and stuff. I’m no paediatrician so don’t take my word for it.

They do look cute in them, don’t they? Here’s my advice: go to Mothercare with your kid and try out the Bumbo sample. Sit him/her in it and take a photo. One photo is enough. And then – this is the important part – put it back and walk away.

Photo credit: Lori Elizabeth


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