Enough of the kid’s stuff!

Hand me the keys, you fu...
Hand me the keys, you fu…

Before I extolled the virtues of Fisher-Price. Well, they don’t always get it right.

My son started getting interested in photography. Well, he started getting interested in snatching our mobile phones and taking pictures. So I decided to get him a toy camera; mainly so he could take photos independently, but also to avoid him coming across any incriminating evidence on my phone.

We decided to get him the Fisher-Price toy camera. It’s colourful, sturdy and safe. Sounded great. It isn’t.

I remember back in 2002, when I first came to Japan, their mobile phones had cameras! Cameras!! They took 1-inch square photos which most likely didn’t look much like the thing you were taking a photo of, but it was all really exciting. Fast forward ten and a bit years and this Fisher-Price camera takes pictures that are, perhaps, even worse. It’s 0.3 megapixels. Don’t we have to stand still and try not to blink when the flash powder goes off?

Once you’ve squinted, tilted your head, held the camera at arms length, you may be able to work out what the photo is: “Ah, yes! A photo of the door stopper! Nice!”, “Oh I see – it’s the chair leg!” “Oh beautiful! You’ve really captured the spirit of that socket!”. Luckily it’s shock-proof, because I’ve been more than tempted to throw it down the stairs from time to time. At least we don’t have to pay for these photos. I remember back fondly when my parents would pick up the prints taken with my first camera and flick through 24 photos of my forehead, all for the low, low price of £2.99!

We upgrade all the time. Cameras, phones, camera phones. I realised I was better off giving my son my first digital camera, previously taking up space in a drawer. It takes much better photos. It’s not shockproof, but if it breaks it’s no big loss. I guess it’s not baby proof – I wouldn’t recommend giving it to a child to suck on. But it does the job. It’s the same with mobile phones too. There’s lots of toy phones out there (!!). Give your child your old one and let them play with that. Seeing your old phone being played with may make you remember the time when phone batteries lasted longer than a lunch break.


2 thoughts on “Enough of the kid’s stuff!

  1. We did that too, I wanted to buy the then 3 year old a kidizoom camera (or something like that) then found our old digital camera for her instead, which meant when she got bored after a couple of weeks I didn’t regret wasting money either! Unfortunately my two aren’t fooled by old phones, they want flashing lights and sounds, and even the 18 month old picks a phone up and shouts “Hiya!” like a pro.


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