Oh Christmas Tree…

Challenge accepted
Challenge accepted

I sold my Christmas tree last month. My thinking being “supply and demand”. However, that left us Christmas tree-less this Yuletide. Unfortunately, there are no real Christmas trees here on sale at any price you could argue as being reasonable. So I decided to make my own. How hard could it be?

Pinterest is full of homemade Christmas trees made from salvaged branches. I was inspired by some beautiful examples. So I gadded off to a local spot with my son to pick up sticks and enjoy some male bonding in the elements.

Hurry up.
Hurry up.


Not a bad place to go stick hunting!
Not a bad place to go stick hunting!
Ever helpful
Ever helpful

After picking up enough to make a tree, I took them home, sawed them up into adequate sized pieces and laid them down on the ground. It looks good! Pretty good! This is gonna be a cinch!


I then had to piece them together. I bought some fishing line (It’s see-though and strong enough, I guessed). I started tying the fishing line around the branches. This turned out to be the most difficult thing I’ve done all month – the line being so fiddly, it took me ten minutes just to tie the first one to the branch. I needed two cups of tea just to get through it. Eventually, I lifted it up. It was all wonky. I swore. So I started adjusting each line. The lines snapped. I swore again. I was an hour and a half in by now. I can’t describe how I felt. Listen to this Christmas song. Don’t cut it short. Then listen to it again. And a third time. You now probably feel pretty much like how I felt.

Our walls aren’t plastered but pretty soft so you can stick pins in them. To make it a bit easier, I decided to pin each branch directly into the wall. You can see that there are less branches and no star – my will was fading!


At this point, some of my tension lifted. I then decorated it sparingly. Usually I like to see a tree straining under the weight of an uncoordinated mish-mash of tinsel, lights, chocolate coins and baubles. But this is a Pinterest tree – restraint and sophistication are needed.


Not so bad. Looks better with the lights on, I think. But I won’t be doing it again anytime soon!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

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