Christmas Paraphernalia

A bit of a weird Christmas this one. As we’re moving, my wife and I decided not to get presents for each other – more presents means a higher shipping cost. Luckily, when we asked our son what he wanted for Christmas he said a ticket to Disneyland. Ah, an excellent choice, son! There’s no additional weight or import charges on memories.

It’s also the time to get out the Christmas stuff. Not only the decorations but the clothing: the jumpers, the slippers and so on. Mine fit fine. I’ve only grown a little bit this year. But the boys? Well they’re starting to look like swollen festive balloons.

Looking a little tight!
Looking a little tight!

I’m no Scrooge. I love Christmas, but the best thing about Christmas is that it’s short. We’re coming to the end of the festive season and there’s nothing I hate more than staring at a Rudolph sweater or a pair of Santa slippers in cold, miserable February; the Yuletide warmth being a mere memory. I can’t help thinking that Rudolph’s smile has developed into a mocking sneer. I gather them up and put them in the cupboard until next December.

I talked about Baby’s First Christmases before. We have a fair share of Baby’s First Christmas merchandise. Like a reindeer jumper in February, a Baby’s First Christmas t-shirt on a two year old baby looks a little silly. I have some suggestions:

1. A Baby’s …. Christmas T-shirt with a page-a-day diary-esque thing in the middle. Baby’s First Christmas, Baby’s Second Christmas, Baby’s Third Christmas ….

2. Rudolph clothing with detachable antlers and red nose and attachable rabbit ears for Spring conversion.

3. Make Christmas a twice yearly event. Maybe in June too – although the slippers and sweaters might be a little too warm.

4. Cancel Christmas.

Have a wonderful New Year everybody!


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