Essential Baby Items


The January, no blogging blues have hit me hard but my friend sent me this link to wake me out of my slumber. A list of 21 popular baby items that parents have rated for their importance or not. And look! There’s my Sophie at number 16! And 40% of parents think she’s necessary – the ruinous minx!

I remember the excitement of becoming a parent for the first time. And that excitement combined with the nine month wait led to a lot of shopping for stuff I thought we would need. We didn’t – well not all of it.

I would say the important things are the baby carrier (not a sling – a sling becomes too small and unsuitable pretty quickly) and here it’s a good idea to splash out. The Ergo ones are excellent! Laundry detergent, I guess. A nursing pillow – my wife swore by it: both while pregnant to help with sleeping and when nursing. And a baby swing – although I recommend getting a rocker more than a swing – avoid batteries unless you want to relive these halcyon days.

As for the others, well perhaps they’re useful for those parents who don’t know their bath thermometer from their elbow. A wipes warmer is a good idea but I personally like dishing out a bit of cold payback after the little one has given me something nasty to deal with. I’ve seen Aladdin and that genie is pretty useful. I would expect a diaper genie to do a lot more than just hold a dirty nappy and stop the stink getting out. A baby care timer might be good for those babies who never ever cry, ever, but I’ve yet to hear of one. I can’t think of anything witty to say about a Pee-Pee Teepee. The bottle shaker (huh?), and the bottle warmer I don’t have much experience of. I don’t want to wade into the breastfeeding debate other than to say breastfeeding provides free milk for about two years. Free. Two years. Also breasts don’t need shaking or warming up before feeding time – believe me, I’ve tried.


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