Travelling light

We’ve finally moved house – and country. I guess we’ve emigrated but that makes us sound like retirees who want to finally get some sun. But we’ve emigrated back to the UK – weirdos that we are.

So we had to make sure we took only the stuff we really, truly, completely needed, and get rid of everything we didn’t. We spent last month selling stuff, giving away stuff, chucking stuff, burning stuff and pretty much getting all our stuff down from a lot of stuff to not so much stuff in order to be able to send that stuff back and pay as little as possible.

It turned out that not so much stuff meant 65 boxes! 65!?! Are you kidding me?

The tip of the cardboard
The tip of the cardboard

This is what travelling light with children is like these days! Like, 5 of those boxes are for us. The rest, I have no idea. Toys, books, clothes – all essential, all impossible to get rid of, all heavy, bulky and cumbersome. Last month was quite busy.

I don’t know how we ended up packing so many boxes. And as we await their not so imminent arrival over the seas, I don’t know where we are going to put them all. There is one thing I do know: this year is going to be the year of no more stuff.


3 thoughts on “Travelling light

  1. Would it be possible to tell me which company you used to move? I’m doing the same move later this month and am currently looking for a reasonable company


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