Pushchair Dashboard (patent pending).

Previously, I talked about getting my kids to walk more. Of course, this hasn’t proved as easy as I thought. There are two important parental lessons I’ve been repeating to myself – parenting mantras if you will. “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” – certainly a saying which seems to hold a lot of weight. However, it turns out not only to be false, but also I have some reservations about rewarding children too much. More reliably from the wisest of wise sages: “In every job that’s to be done, there is an element of fun’. This piece of advice has been the cornerstone of trying to maintain a stress-free parenthood.

My wife, through her infinite patience, came up with a genius idea to make long walks less stressful. Her buggy dashboard. This little beauty has allowed our eldest feel he’s in complete control of the pushchair, and that means he’s all the more eager to walk and push the buggy. There’s even a built-in navigation system which comes in handy when we got lost in the new city.

It went through a few changes. Here was Mark I:



And the more slimline and compact Mark II:


Here’s how it attaches to the buggy:


And here it is in action:


Mary Poppins was no idiot when it came to child-raising. Finding the fun and making the job a game, I’m slowly learning, is the easiest way to make your kids help out and make your life easier.


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