Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site


Despite my grumblings, a children’s book review.

Nothing is more satisfying than getting ready for bed, after a hard day’s work, and knowing that you’ve made the day a success. Whether it’s doing a whole poo in the toilet, getting 60% of your dinner into your mouth, or only having two meltdowns that afternoon.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is a book that allows my kids and me to snuggle in bed before lights out and reflect back on the day’s achievements together – mine being considerably more important and stressful despite what they argue. Its rhythm and rhyme are a joy to read, and, more importantly, often put my kids to sleep. I read it as slow and deep as possible to encourage my loved ones to, please, let me have some time off. I have turned this 20 page novella into War and Peace. Think the death of HAL as inspiration to how to read a children’s book properly.

It’s a simple story of a group of vehicles, all working hard together for the greater good – making the big city even bigger. It’s a capitalist urban planner’s dream, and judging by the bricks and blocks laid out in my (what once was a) living room, it’s my kids’ dream too. The book follows the vehicles’ night-time routines, which echo their own, and it’s a perfect way to wind down the day, and try to commit to memory all the little successes your loved ones have achieved: the new word, the new skill, a greater emotional maturity.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn, a richness reminiscent of ’50s New York, and are bound to make yourself and your children feel sleepy.  Also, the book has a quality feel to it and is one of those rare stories I not only recommend buying but also present to friends. Get it for your little town planners!


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