28 To Make

I’m a big, big fan of MOOCS, or massive open online courses. Websites that offer online courses for a lot lower fee than attending a physical course or going to university. I pray that they become as valid as concrete university courses, thus saving me a bucketload when my children turn 18. Some really good ones are Future Learn, Khan Academy, Coursera and CreativeLive. Although my kids are still young, Khan Academy is a fantastic free website that allows you to restudy those old Maths and Science classes from school and if still available when they’re older, it’s a website I will push them to use, saving on private tutoring bills. It’s an American website designed for the American syllabus, so there are problems deciphering what Calculus and Algebra actually mean (isn’t it just Maths?), but as far as I can gather, 2 plus 2 equals 4 over there too. Plus they did put a person on the Moon – a couple of times – so they can’t be too shabby in the brains department!

Creative Live is a website that mainly focuses on courses related to art and design, with some business / entrepreneurship courses thrown in for good measure. I’m no artist, but in the month of February, they’ve been running a free art course called 28 To Make. Simple, fun, artistic things you can do every day to get your creative juices flowing. My juices have flown but I saw the potential they have to keep my children entertained for an hour.

In particular, I liked the Day 8: Circles activity. They produced a photocopiable template of thirty small circles. The idea being to illustrate each circle to produce something different. I drew the usual fare – footballs, planets, eyeballs. But my son was a little more esoteric (weird) as usual.



Take a look at the site and you’ll find some things you can do with your kids. I recommend having a look at Day 11: Photo Doodles, Day 12: Exquisite Corpse, Day 17: Tangrams, and Day 24: Postcards, but, please, check them all out.

UPDATE – The 28 to Make Ebook is available here.



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