Scooting along

Spring is, well, kind of, almost here .. I guess!

And that means we may well be seeing him sometime soon.

!Imagem 1719 (1)
Ah, lovely Dublin Beach!

It’s time to get out there and shake off the winter blues and dehibernate! No more sitting at home, watch The Walking Dead with my infant kids.

My little one has reached the age where he’s a little more coordinated and active, so we’re always thinking of ways for him to use up some of his excess energy. I’ve written before about the joys of cycling and we have a little push bike which he likes whizzing along on. But I wholeheartedly recommend getting a scooter.

We were pretty lucky. We live in an apartment building and we managed to salvage one from the communal rubbish area. Standards? They’re for the rich! On bin day, we often cruise around Dublin 4: Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, Rathmines, Ranelaigh – anywhere with lots of overprivileged and under-exercised children, trying to pick up hardly-used goodies from the discarded treasures. In a similar vein, I’m planning on renting a car and visiting the nearest tip in Killiney just before Christmas.

I digress – anyway, the scooter works a treat and he looks adorable whizzing along on it.




It’s good exercise and getting the kids to accompany you to the supermarket, Post Office, whatever is always easier if they can ride along. The best thing about a scooter is that if they get tired of it, it’s easier to carry than a kids bike – or, even better, you can ride along instead. It’s bloody good exercise!



This is one of the best things about being a parent. You get to do goofy things: singing, skipping and scootering in public without caring about being looked at funny.

Enjoy the t-shirt weather, folks!



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